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The Peripheral

Course Codes : ENGL1401

The Peripheral

ISBN 9780241961001
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Ubd
In the near future in a broken down rural America, Flynne Fisher scrapes a living as a gamer for rich players. One night, working a game set in a futuristic but puzzlingly empty London, she sees a death that's unnervingly vivid. Soon after she gets word that it isn't a game after all - the future she saw is all too real, she's the only witness to a murder and someone from that unreal tomorrow now wants her dead. The story of a young woman caught between two worlds, The Peripheral interweaves two futures - pre-apocalypse USA and post-apocalypse London - to tell a story which gets right to heart of the way we live now. 'Wild, richly satisfying . . . big-screen, popcorn-chewing thrills. What a glorious ride.' Guardian 'A tightly plotted, tautly paced novel that unfolds with the dream logic of a fairy tale.' The Times Literary Supplement 'Frightening plausible. Not just a unique and brilliantly talented SF novelist but a social and psychological visionary. A wonderful addition to a brilliant oeuvre.' The Times 'Superb . . . frantic with imagination.' Ned Beauman, Observer 'Fast-moving, accessible, instantly gripping, so laden with cliffhangers you become afraid he'll run out of cliffs.' SFX

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