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The Principles of Distributed Databases

The Principles of Distributed Databases

ISBN 9780136079385
Edition 2 International ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
65970-6 In the Second Edition of this best-selling distributed database systems text, the authors address new and emerging issues in the field while maintaining the key features and characteristics of the First Edition. The text has been revised and updated to reflect changes in the field. This comprehensive text focuses on concepts and technical issues while exploring the development of distributed database management systems (DBMS). Principles of Distributed Database Systems presents distributed database systems within the framework of distributed data processing in general, rather than as a problem in isolation. NEW TO THIS EDITION * The relationship of distributed DBMSs with the new networking technologies is discussed. * The query processing/optimization chapters now focus on techniques employed in commercial systems and include new algorithms such as randomized search strategies. * Discussion of advanced transaction models and workflows has been added to the transaction management chapters. * Full chapters are devoted to parallel DBMSs and distributed object DBMSs. * Current issues are discussed in a new chapter, including sections on data warehousing, world wide web and databases, push-based technologies, and mobile DBMSs. * General interoperability issues and distributed object platforms such as OMA/CORBA and DCOM/OLE have been added to the multidatabase systems chapter. * The authors' web site contains presentation slides, helpful information for instructors, and direct communication with the authors. The url is http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/~database/distdb.html.

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