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The Psychology Major's Handbook

The Psychology Major's Handbook

ISBN 9781305118430
Edition 4
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage Learning
Interested in the field of psychology? Read this handbook first. It provides you with the facts and insights you need to make informed decisions about whether to pursue psychology as a major and career, as well as useful tips to help you succeed as a psychology major. The first chapter introduces you to the scope of psychology and the subspecialties within the field. The second chapter helps you to assess your skills, abilities, and interests in order to choose a major. Subsequent chapter's help you succeed in college by offering you study tips as well as guidance on how to write literature reviews and empirical papers, and by showing you how to take an active role in your education. The final four chapters present information about career opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels to help you make career decisions -- and concrete advice for seeking a job after graduation and/or applying to graduate school.

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