The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World

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The Real Story of Risk: Adventures in a Hazardous World 9781616146603

ISBN : 9781616146603
Publisher : Prometheus Books
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview This title presents a fascinating exploration of how our brains are poorly equipped to deal with the everyday risks of modern life. We live in a world of risk. It waits for us in our refrigerators, surrounds us on the roads, and lurks in our arteries. We're blind to common risks like heart disease, yet we shrink in fear from rare events like shark attacks and plane crashes. What accounts for our poor ability to perceive and react to risks that really matter? "The Real Story of Risk" traces our distorted perception from our ancient ancestors to the present day, showing how our brains - which evolved to deal with threats such as wild animal attacks and disease - are ill equipped to deal with the artificial risks of the modern world. Offering a wealth of fascinating information about health, sex, money, safety, food, and the environment, "The Real Tory of Risk" illuminate an often misunderstood but crucial aspect of daily life.



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