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The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921

The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921

ISBN 9780199227631
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
A new history of the Russian Revolution as a story of experience-people making sense of history as it unfolded in their own lives and as they made history themselves. The big events, trends, and explanations, from Bloody Sunday in 1905 to the final shots of the civil war in 1921, are viewed through the doubled perspective of the professional historian looking backward and the contemporary journalist reporting and interpreting history as it happened. The volume looks deeply at particular places and people: city streets, peasant villages, the margins of empire, women and men, workers and intellectuals, artists and activists, utopian visionaries, and discontents of all kinds-at the famous and at those whose names we don't even know. Key questions include inequality, power, and violence, and ideas of justice and freedom. Written for students and general readers, this history relies extensively on contemporary texts and voices in order to bring the past and its meanings to life.

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