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The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice: United States Edition

The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice: United States Edition

ISBN 9780205011544
Edition 6 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson
A conceptual and practical presentation of the strengths perspective in social work. Part of Advancing Core Competencies Series, a unique series that helps students taking advanced social work courses apply CSWE's core competencies and practice behaviors examples to specialized fields of practice. The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice, 6/e, presents both conceptual and practical elements of the strengths perspective - from learning about and practicing the strengths perspective to using the strengths perspective with older adults, the chronically ill, and substance abusers. Many of the chapters- address recent events -from the tragic shooting in Tucson to the uprisings in the Middle East. Each chapter begins with a section from an expert in the field. Teaching & Learning Experience Improve Critical Thinking - Each chapter contains four critical thinking questions and two short essay questions that require the reader to apply key concepts. Engage Students - Extensive case examples keep students interested and help them see a connection between theory and practice. Explore Current Issues - Three new chapters have been added to reflect the most current knowledge in the field. Apply CSWE Core Competencies - The text integrates the 2008 CSWE EPAS, with critical thinking questions and practice tests to assess student understanding and development of competencies and practice behaviors. Support Instructors - PowerPoint presentations are available with this text.

Due Date 16/07/2018

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