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The Tao of Statistics: A Path to Understanding (with No Math)

The Tao of Statistics: A Path to Understanding (with No Math)

ISBN 9781412913140
Publication Date
Publisher SAGE Publications Inc
The Tao of Statistics provides a new approach to statistics in plain English. Unlike other introductions to statistics, this text explains what statistics mean and how they are used, rather than how to calculate them. The book walks readers through basic concepts, as well as some of the most complex statistical models in use. Professionals and college students who want to be informed about statistics, but do not want to spend a lot of time learning to how compute them should not be without this volume. Features and Benefits: - Covers basic statistics in an accessible fashion without emphasizing computation - Covers the field more broadly than any other text like it - Is ideal for readers who do not consider themselves good at maths, have little interest in computing statistics, or just want to understand them - Each concept is presented via impressions from a verse, an illustration, and about 230 words of text

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