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The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line

ISBN 9780385324083
Publisher Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group
They are the men of C-for-Charlie company--"Mad" 1st Sgt. Eddie Welsh, Pvt. 1st Class Don Doll, Pvt. John Bell, Capt. James Stein, Cpl. Fife, and dozens more just like them--infantrymen who are about to land, grim and white-faced, on an atoll in the Pacific called Guadalcanal. This is their story, a shatteringly realistic walk into hell and back. In the days ahead, some will earn medals, others will do anything they can dream up to get evacuated before they land in a muddy grave. But they will all discover the thin red line that divides the sane from the mad--and the living from the dead--in this unforgettable portrait that captures for all time the total experience of men at war. Foreword by Francine Prose "Brutal, direct, and powerful . . . The men are real, the words are real, death is real, imminent and immediate."--"Los Angeles Times " "A rare and splendid accomplishment . . . strong and ambitious, spacious, and as honest as any novel ever written."--"Newsweek"" ""[A] major novel of combat in World War II . . . reminiscent of Stephen Crane in "The Red Badge of Courage.""--"The Christian Science Monitor"" """The Thin Red Line "moves so intensely and inexorably that it almost seems like the war it is describing."--"The New York Times Book Review"

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