The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution

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The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution 9780684823447

ISBN : 9780684823447
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Author(s) :
Overview Thirty-five years ago, C. P. Snow, in a now famous essay, wrote about the polarization of the "two cultures" -- literary intellectuals on the one hand, and scientists on the other. Although he hoped for the emergence of a "third culture" that would bridge the gap, it is only recently that science has changed the intellectual landscape.
Brockman's thesis that science is emerging as the intellectual center of our society is brought to life vividly in "The Third Culture, " which weaves together the voices of some of today's most influential scientific figures, including:
Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins on the implications of evolution Steven Pinker, Marvin Minsky, Daniel C. Dennett, and Roger Penrose on how the mind works
Murray Gell-Mann and Stuart Kauffman on the new sciences of complexity
"The Third Culture" is an honest picture of science in action. It is at once stimulating, challenging, and riveting.

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