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The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual, (paperback)

The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual, (paperback)

ISBN 9780321245625
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc
The latest version of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)--UML 2.0--has only strengthened its position as the standard notation for modeling software-intensive systems. However, UML 2.0 is also far more complex than its predecessor, making a thorough reference book more essential than ever. In this significantly updated and expanded edition of the seminal guide to the standard, James Rumbaugh, Ivar Jacobson, and Grady Booch--the UML's creators--detail the revisions in sequence diagrams, activity models, protocol state machines, components, internal structure of classes and components, and profiles. Whether you are capturing requirements, developing a software architecture, designing the implementation, or trying to understand an existing system, this is the book for you. The majority of the book is a unique alphabetical list of articles covering every aspect of UML in a form convenient for quick reference and detailed study. This format permits full coverage of UML details as well as high-level articles without confusing the reader by constant shifts in level. The first part of the book--a complete summary of UML concepts organized by subject area--provides an introduction to UML for the newcomer as well as entry points into the detailed articles.Highlights include: Two-color diagrams, extensively annotated Thorough coverage of both semantics and notation, separated in each article for easy reference Further explanations of concepts whose meaning or purpose is obscure in the original specifications Discussion sections offering usage advice and additional insight into tricky concepts A hyperlinked version of the book in Adobe Reader format on CD-ROM, an excellent resource for browsing or searching the text for specific information Full text of the UML 2.0 specification documents on CD-ROM, courtesy of the Object Management Group Notation summary, with hyperlinks to individual articles on the CD-ROMAn enhanced online index allows readers to quickly and easily search the entire text for specific topicsThe result is an indispensable resource for anyone who needs to understand the inner workings of the industry standard modeling language.

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