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The Writer's Response : A Reading-Based Approach to Writing

The Writer's Response : A Reading-Based Approach to Writing

ISBN 9781305100251
Edition 6th
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
THE WRITER'S RESPONSE teaches students not only the basics of paragraph and essay writing'unity, coherence, and support'but also the basics of academic writing, making it a complete source for students preparing for higher-level work. Through a variety of exercises and extensive readings, the text teaches students to read carefully and summarize accurately, to recognize and respond to specific points in the material they have read, to synthesize ideas from several reading selections, and to evaluate and argue about the ideas they have found in their reading material. Although the authors' focus is on writing about reading, they also encourage students to use their personal experiences to develop and support their ideas. This combination results in a text that not only imparts the fundamentals of college-level writing, but also helps each student find his or her own voice'and discover that they do, indeed, have something to say.

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