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Theoretical Mechanics

Theoretical Mechanics

ISBN 9781107593459
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge
Originally published in 1921, this book was intended as a textbook of dynamics for the use of students who have some acquaintance with the methods of the differential and integral calculus. The chapters cover a vast range of topics and include the existing well-known key theorems of the day; chapters include, 'Displacement, velocity, acceleration', 'Forces acting on a particle' and 'The rotation of the Earth'. Notably, difficult and challenging topics are marked with an asterisk to indicate the advanced nature of the subject and a collection of miscellaneous examples are appended to most of the chapters to assist with classes and revision, most of which have been sourced from previous examination papers. Linear equations and diagrams are included throughout to support the text. This book will be a valuable resource to scholars of physics and engineering as well as to anyone with an interest in the history of education.

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