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Theories of Development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives 3ed

Course Codes : ARTS1750

Theories of Development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives 3ed

ISBN 9781462519576
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Guilford Press
This widely adopted text starts with the fundamentals - what is economic growth, what is development, and what is the relationship between these two concepts? The authors examine orthodox theories of growth grounded in different schools of economics (classical, neoclassical, Keynesian, neoliberal) before considering critical alternatives (Marxist, socialist, poststructuralist, and feminist). The book elucidates the basic ideas that underpin contemporary controversies and debates surrounding economic growth, environmental crisis, and global inequality. It highlights points of contention among the various theories, links them to historical and current world events, and works toward envisioning a form of development that makes life better for all.New to This Edition-Reflects the latest data and global development trends, such as the effects on economies of extreme weather events and climate change.-New discussions throughout the chapters, including the work of Thomas Piketty, Richard Florida, William Easterly, Niall Ferguson, and Arturo Escobar.-Responds to current crises, including the global financial meltdown and its consequences and the rise of finance capitalism. KEY POINTS *Update of a successful text; 30% new material includes theories from Piketty, Florida, Easterly, and Escobar. *Incorporates the latest quantitative information, presented in lucid, accessible language. *Offers a critical survey of major theories of development, addressing hot topics such as climate change, the global financial crisis, and the private ownership of finance capital. *Connects theoretical perspectives to real-world events and reveals points of contention among different schools of thought, providing a complete view of development. *Analyzes the full range of classical, neoclassical, and critical theories of development. AUDIENCE Students and instructors in geography, political science, sociology, economics, business, and educational policy. COURSE USE Serves as a text in advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level courses such as Development Geography, Development Policy, Economic Geography, Global Society, International Relations, Development and Social Change, Political Economy and Globalization, and Political Economy of Development.

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