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Think Like Chinese

Think Like Chinese

ISBN 9781862876880
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
Sun Zi said know yourself and your enemy, then you will never lose a battle. Zhang and Baker say, know the Chinese mind so you can prosper!Think Like Chinese explains Chinese thought and business culture from the Chinese perspective. It gives first-hand insight into what Chinese are really thinking when conducting business. Zhang and Baker combine their Chinese and Western perspectives to explain, in detail, common Chinese behaviours that may seem odd to non-Chinese. They bring a wealth of personal experience in contemporary Chinese business investment and management, sharing their experiences and observations to provide strategies for overcoming such cultural barriers. Each chapter opens with a traditional or common Chinese saying, which is given contemporary meaning and applied to business scenarios. This key to Chinese thought provides the context for guidance on practical matters such as: how to ensure spoken communications are being interpreted accurately understanding the importance of face(mianzi), and giving and receiving mianzi appropriately networking effectively among the Chinese understanding Chinese work cultures, identifying the real Chinese decision-makers, improving negotiations, and gaining the best out of Chinese staff distinguishing (facts or true statements) from (bragging) knowing when a Chinese actually means something instead of maybe something else. Chinese approaches to the law and contracts, dispute resolution, intellectual property, investment and partnershipsThink Like Chinese is a must for anyone who wants a better understanding of Chinese culture and how to apply this knowledge in their China dealings, whether doing business with Chinese suppliers or customers, working with a Chinese partner or managing Chinese employees. It is also written for people who are simply fascinated about China, and want to know more about the Chinese people, their history, their current emergence as an economic powerhouse and their increasing significance in the world's future.

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