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Thinking and Deciding

Thinking and Deciding

ISBN 9780521659727
Edition 3 Revised edition
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Thinking and Deciding has established itself as a required text and important reference work for students and scholars of human cognition and rationality. In this, the third edition, Jonathan Baron delves further into many of the key questions addressed in the previous editions. For example, how should we think? What, if anything, keeps us from thinking that way? How can we improve our thinking and decision making? Baron has also revised or expanded his treatment of topics such as risk, utilitarianism, Baye's theorem, moral thinking, trust, utility measurement, and decision analysis and values. By emphasizing decision making, Baron has made Thinking and Deciding, Third Edition more relevant to researchers in applied fields, such as medicine, business, public policy, and law, while maintaining its appeal to graduate and undergraduate students.

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