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Tourism: An Introduction

Tourism: An Introduction

ISBN 9780582356979
Edition 99
Publication Date
Publisher Longman
This book is designed to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to tourism, `the world's biggest industry'. It is an ideal text for all those requiring a concise and thorough insight into the subject from international, UK and European perspectives. The author's experience of the tourism industry in the UK and overseas, as a consultant, researcher and lecturer is reflected in the text.

Tourism: an Introduction has been written as an industry-relevant text that contains a wealth of tourism data and analyses the burning issues of the moment in international tourism. It draws on UK, European and wider international case studies to explain the dramatic growth in tourism in the latter half of the twentieth-century and considers its future prospects. Issues of concern in international tourism both now and for the millennium, such as sustainability, partnerships in development, Third World tourism and tourism impacts, are explored in detail.

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