Tourism Research 2E + Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach 2E Journal Card

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Tourism Research 2E + Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach 2E Journal Card

Course Codes : MNG00415
ISBN : 9781742466156
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 2nd edition
Overview Students studying tourism are required to undertake a study in research techniques and methodologies as part of their tourism degree. Major aims of this new edition are to encourage students to think about the importance of research in tourism appreciating the role that it plays in the tourism industry as well as to familiarise students with the wide diversity of research strategies available to them. Tourism Research, second edition, introduces the concept of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research methodologies associated with tourism. It also considers indigenous and cross-cultural methodologies. The relationship of tourism research, its underpinnings, sources and methods, with the implications for tourism development, planning and management are clearly established and discussed. The text is focused on the tourism sector rather than the leisure and recreation sector. The role of researchers as professionals, as well as usage and impacts of research are incorporated throughout the text to ensure students appreciate the diversity of research in the tourism industry as well as the consequences of research decision-making processes. This revised edition continues to provide a balanced discussion between qualitative and quantitative methodologies and their associated theoretical underpinnings. FEATURES: *'Industry Insights' vignettes illustrate the relevance of research in the tourism industry * Three in depth case studies develop student understanding of qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as cross-research research. Now packaged FREE with this text, is a 12 month student subscription to the International Journal of Tourism Research (IJTR). This journal provides an international platform for debate and dissemination of research findings whilst also facilitating the discussion of new research areas and techniques. IJTR will continue to add a vibrant and exciting channel for those interested in tourism and hospitality research developments.


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