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Trade Mark Law in Australia

Trade Mark Law in Australia

ISBN 9780409320527
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Butterworths
An in-depth analysis of the law of trade marks in Australia and a practical guide to its application. Annotated Trade Marks Act 1995 provides in-depth information and analysis of the law of trade marks in Australia. Following the structure of the Trade Marks Act 1995, it simplifies the search for material on a topic. This book works as a guide to the practical day-to-day application of the law and is a useful source for anyone concerned with registration and enforcement of trade mark rights in Australia, as well as the student of intellectual property law. Important Features: * The text of the Trade Marks Act 1995 and the Trade Marks Regulations 1995 in full * Detailed annotations of all key provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1995 Related Title: (please see also Products to consider) Dufty, Lahore & Garney, Patents, Trade Marks and Related Rights, loose leaf and online. Dunham, Chrysanthou, Gill, Vines, Parker, Barker, Bowne, Cooke & Fox, Intellectual Property Precedents, loose leaf and online. Givoni, Australian Intellectual Property, bulletin and online. Lahore & Rothnie, Copyright and Designs, loose leaf and online.

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