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Transport and Tourism

Transport and Tourism

ISBN 9780582320253
Publication Date
Publisher Longman
Transport and Tourism is the first in a series (the Themes in Tourism Series) which systematically discusses a range of concepts and ideas related to tourism. This book is a much-needed account of the key issues which transport providers, decision makers, managers and tourists face in the use, operation and management of tourist transport. It provides a clearer understanding of the interface and relationship between tourism and transport. A great deal of topical case material is included, as well as research from a wide variety of sources such as Travel and Tourism Intelligence, Transport research journals and corporate information, which may not be easily accessible to undergraduate students. Transport and Tourism is a core text for 2nd and 3rd year students on Travel and Tourism degrees and final year students taking Strategic Management modules. It will also be useful recommended background reading for 1st year undergraduate students on Travel and Tourism related courses and an important reference source for postgraduate students.

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