Tui Na: A Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy

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Tui Na: A Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy 9780443069031

ISBN : 9780443069031
Publisher : Churchill Livingstone
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview "Tui na: The Chinese Massage Manual" provides a clear and complete introduction to the principles and practice of Tui na. The text is well-illustrated with clear photographs supporting descriptions of treatment routines and techniques and enabling the student and practitioner to begin to practice and apply the Tui na techniques with confidence. It clearly covers all of the techniques, from the basic techniques, compound techniques and most commonly applied techniques through to passive movements. An invaluable practical DVD-ROM showing all of the techniques in the book is included. Key areas covered include: Principles and theory of Tui na practice, historical development of Tui na and its current development in the West, levels to treatment, yin and yang style of practice, the use of intention, grounding, and centring and protecting yourself as a Tui na practitioner. The text also covers the most common problems likely to be presented by patient, explanation and interpretation of the methods of diagnosis, and treatment plans to encourage the student/practitioner to think and make choices. Case histories and examples of treatments illustrate that there are several ways to approach any problem presented. It also includes ancillary therapies like cupping, gua sha and the application of moxa which are frequently employed in Tui na treatments and techniques of treating with a combination of Tui na and acupuncture for acupuncturists who are trained in both therapies

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