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Understanding Business Statistics

Understanding Business Statistics

ISBN 9781118799147
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley

This text is an unbound, binder-ready edition.

Written in a conversational tone, Freed, Understanding Business Statistics presents topics in a systematic and organized manner to help students navigate the material. Demonstration problems appear alongside the concepts, making the content easier to understand. By explaining the reasoning behind each exercise, students are more inclined to engage with the material and gain a clear understanding of how to apply statistics to the business world. Freed, Understanding Business Statistics is accompanied by WileyPLUS, a research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning. This online learning system gives students instant  feedback on homework assignments, provides video tutorials and variety of study tools, and offers instructors thousands of  reliable, accurate problems (including every problem from the book) to deliver automatically graded assignments or tests. Available in or outside of the Blackboard Learn Environment, WileyPLUS resources help reach all types of learners and give instructors the tools they need to enhance course material.

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