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Understanding Ethics

Understanding Ethics

ISBN 9781862876620
Edition 3 New edition
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
Understanding Ethics explains the basics of ethical philosophy and applied moral reasoning to contemporary and perennial human dilemmas: truthtelling and honest; sex, love and morality; life, death and bioethics; public responsibility and political ethics; business and professional ethics; environmental ethics; global ethics; and, new to this edition, war, terrorism and violence. Discussion of 'values education' and how to cultivate an ethical life round off this invaluable guide to understanding ethics. Contemporary topics covered include: Key bioethical issues such as: stem cell research, cloning and genetic patents, genetically modified cropping, biodiversity, and impact on developing countries. Key themes in education and the workplace such as: ethics for teachers and schools, and ethics of disciplinary processes. Global themes: ethics of population and poverty, global governance and global citizenship. New chapter on War Terrorism and Violence includes material on: capital punishment, war including 'just war theory', and terrorism and torture. Environmental themes: Earth Charter and eco justice; animal rights; ethics, global warming and energy policy. Sexuality: same sex marriage and human rights.

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