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Understanding Health

Course Codes : HSC202, PHM301, HLTH310, NMIH105, NMIH323

Understanding Health

ISBN 9780195574906
Edition 3 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Understanding Health introduces students to the social determinants of health and the importance of health equity. It examines public health, primary health care health promotion and disease prevention. It explores measurement, models and action on social determinants to improve health and wellbeing. The new structure of the book easily guides students through the concepts covered. It begins by discussing the over-arching principles of health and health promotion and continues on to explore how health status and the determinants of health are measured. The book then covers how health is shaped by the determinants of health, and finally, how to use that knowledge to improve health. The book equips the students to explore the theories and helps them to understand how to put them into practice. The extensive pedagogy highlights important theory, research and practice into the concepts covered within the text. New to this Edition New section that covers Health Promotion, Primary Health Care and Empowerment New pedagogy that highlights the theory, research and practical examples of the topics covered within the text New four part structure covering: understanding health, measuring health, shaping health and improving health New chapters include: Measuring Health, What Shapes Behaviours, Social Marketing, and Community Development and Partnerships Revised and updated chapters from another text Understanding Health Promotion include: Ecology and Health, Human Rights and Health, Program Planning and Evaluation, Health Education for Empowerment, and Healthy Cities as a Settings Approach.

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