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Understanding Sustainability Law

Understanding Sustainability Law

ISBN 9780409345476
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher LexisNexis
Sustainability regulation addresses the balance between sustaining ecosystems and economic growth. This book examines key regulation in Australia designed to control sustainability-related processes and objectives, implemented in response to unprecedented ecosystem changes, food security risks, water scarcity and soaring energy costs. This important new book is essential reading for students, lawyers, planning professionals, scientists, engineers, and professionals working in the resource management and environmental protection fields. Its clear and accessible explanations provide a cross-disciplinary understanding of how sustainability and the law intersect. The author provides fresh perspectives on the relationship of law and regulation of ecologically sustainable development, grounding an understanding of important concepts. Later chapters build on this foundation with regard to the regulation of key economic sectors. Discussion covers the regulation of water, energy, climate change, green buildings and sustainable cities, pollution control and waste management, food production and product stewardship, explaining how it works and what it seeks to achieve. The book concludes with commentary on the use of sustainability as a regulatory inclusion and likely future directions in sustainability regulation. Related Titles Bates, Environmental Law in Australia, 9th ed, 2016 Coggins et al, Understanding Construction Law, 2016 Giancaspro & Langos, Understanding Contract Law, 2016 Jessup, LexisNexis Case Summaries: Environmental Law, 2012 Viglianti, Understanding Real Property Law, 2015

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