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Uniform Evidence Law

Course Codes : LWZ316, JURD7221

Uniform Evidence Law

ISBN 9780455230634
Edition 10th edition
Publication Date
Publisher Law Book Co of Australasia
Uniform Evidence Law 10E is the leading Australian guide to uniform evidence legislation, widely used by practitioners and students alike. This edition incorporates a wide range of new developments over the past two years, including: the extension of uniform evidence laws to the A.C.T. and the Northern Territory; key High Court judgments, including those relating to opinion and expert evidence, such as Dasreef Pty Ltd v Hawchar and Lithgow City Council v Jackson; judicial analysis and application of major changes to the UEL following ALRC Report 102, such as to the 'fresh in the memory' test and limitations on the 'Longman warning'; detailed consideration of the ongoing question of when a witness may be said to 'object' to giving evidence on the basis of potential self-incrimination; decisions concerning the circumstances in which privilege may be lost; discussion of numerous appellate judgements in NSW and Victoria regarding tendency evidence and coincidence evidence; and reference to the recent judgments of the Victorian Court of Appeal regarding the rule in Browne v Dunn, particularly in criminal proceedings.

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