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UNIX System V: A Practical Guide

UNIX System V: A Practical Guide

ISBN 9780805375664
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company, Subs of Addison Wesley Longman, Inc
Thoroughly updated to reflect the changes made in Release 4.2, the third edition of this respected title presents Unix as it is used today. A thorough tutorial-based introduction to Unix, this book covers the operating system, utilities, shell programming, the vi editor, job control, system administration and much more. Unix System V includes new chapters on Graphical User Interfaces, Networking, emacs, and the Korn Shell as well as new appendices on the Posix standards and the version- specific features of AIX, HPUX, and SCO Unix. In addition, the book describes more than 75 of the most frequently used Unix utilities such as awk, make, sccs, rcs, sed, and sort. This essential tutorial and reference guides readers through each chapter with the help of easy-to-follow examples, sample screens, command summaries, and chapter review exercises. A separate version of the book is available bundled with the PC-based Coherent operating system. Features *New chapters discussing the Korn Shell, the emacs text editor, Networking, and Graphical User Interfaces. *Coverage of the latest releases of UNIX as well as the POSIX Standards. *An enhanced, step-by-step tutorial introduction to UNIX that incorporates examples, exercises, sample screens, and review questions. *A demonstration of the use of UNIX for text editing, electronic mail, shell programming, and other applications, and present in-depth coverage of the make, SCCS, RCS, awk, and sed programming tools. *An invaluable overview of the UNIX system in Chapter 1. *Coverage of the Bourne, C, and Korn shells in detail and explain how to write shell programs (shell scripts). *A reference to more than 75 of the most frequently used UNIX utilities in Part II. *Clearly marked sections of optional advanced material for experienced UNIX users. 080537566XB04062001

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