Value-based Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value

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Value-based Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value 9780471877271

ISBN : 9780471877271
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview A seminal work - reformulating marketing around creating shareholder value. For the first time, marketing is integrated with the governing objective of management. A practical, step-by-step guide to developing marketing strategies that generate growth and shareholder value. An essential text for top management and MBAs. Marketing has not had the impact on management that its importance merits. This is largely due to its unclear objectives and weak intellectual foundations. Value Based Marketing reformulates marketing, making its goals more relevant and establishing it on a sounder intellectual basis. The governing objective of management in all of today's leading companies is to maximise long-term returns to shareholders. The book redefines marketing's role as contributing to this task of shareholder value creation. It explores how this affects marketing planning and decisions about brands, pricing, communications, distribution and the Internet. The increasing emphasis placed on the financial technique of shareholder value as a means for measuring a company's performance has provided a major opportunity for marketing managers: the ability to increase greatly their sphere of influence in setting their company's strategic direction like never before. The book provides a clear practical introduction to shareholder value analysis and provides practical tools for translating marketing ideas into the financial framework used by modern boards of directors. For top management and CFOs, the book explains how marketing generates shareholder value. It shows how top management should evaluate strategies and stimulate more effective and relevant marketing in their companies.

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