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Value Pack Australian Sociology: A Changing Society + MyWritingLab

Value Pack Australian Sociology: A Changing Society + MyWritingLab

ISBN 9781488608100
Edition 4
Publication Date

This pack contains 1 copy of Australian Sociology: A Changing Society and 1 printed access card to MyWritingLab.

Australian Sociology 4e provides a concise and current introduction to the field of Sociology, through an analysis of Australian society. In doing so, it draws on a diverse range of perspectives as well as a myriad of topics that go to issues at the core of Australian social life. Our ever-changing society presents continuing challenges to sociological analysis. This new edition of Australian Sociology sets out to document these many changes, while retaining an organised analysis required of an introductory overview of Australian society.

MyWritingLab is a completely online program provides the practice, instruction and personalised learning path that students need to master academic writing techniques and develop their basic literacy skills. These distinct writing styles are both covered to grow student confidence for university learning and real world communication.

MyWritingLab is the most widely used online learning application for writing skill improvement with well over 1 million student registrations that have provided Pearson with compelling efficacy through case studies and surveys that demonstrate that MyWriting:ab consistently benefits students mastery of key writing and critical thinking skills.

Note: MyWritingLab is not a self-study product and should only be purchased when required by an instructor.

The duration of access to MyWritingLab is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study.

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