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Value Pack Basic Business Statistics (Global Edition) + PHStat Access Kit

Value Pack Basic Business Statistics (Global Edition) + PHStat Access Kit

ISBN 9781488608391
Edition 13
Publication Date
Publisher PEARSON
Supplementary material such as digital access codes, CDs or DVDs are only available with new copies of this book.
This pack contains 1 copy of Basic Business Statistics (Global Edition) and 1 printed access card to PHStat Access Kit. PHStat is an add-in for Microsoft Excel offered by Pearson that simplifies the task of operating Excel. PHStat creates real Excel worksheets that use in-worksheet calculations. PHStat comes packaged as a zip file archive that you download and unzip to the folder of your choice. This text offers built-in guidance with special emphasis on prerequisites skills—and a host of student-friendly features to help students catch up or learn on their own. The content is organised into three parts: (1) A Library of Elementary Functions (Chapters 1-2), (2) Finite Mathematics (Chapters 3-9), and (3) Calculus (Chapters 10-15). More than 6,900 exercises in the text help you craft the perfect assignments for your students, with plenty of support for prerequisite skills. Built-in guidance helps students help themselves learn course content. Flexible coverage allows instructors to use this text in a way that suits their syllabus and teaching style.

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