Vanishing Wilderness of Antarctica

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Vanishing Wilderness of Antarctica

ISBN : 9788854404878
Publisher : White Star
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Overview If we consider Europe and Asia as two distinct continents, then there are seven continents in all, scattered across Earth. In fifth place, in size order, is Antarctica. For centuries it went unnoticed; humankind took little note of its existence until the beginning of the 19th century. It had long been Terra Incognita Australis: The Great Unknown Southern Land, situated somewhere in the Western Ocean. It was uninhabited by any native populations; it was visited by very few mariners or explorers. It remind, for the most part, a virgin continent, not corrupted. The Antarctic environment is of extraordinary beauty and biological differentiation: flora and fauna have developed interesting strategies to counteract harsh conditions. It's a world of extremes, cruel pitiless, where many species have to fight hard to survive. In this volume of heroic reportage, Colin Monteath, a renowned writer, photographer and specialist on Antarctica presents the mysteries of the Forgotten Continent. In an outstanding achievement, Monteath took magnificent photographs in temperatures of -40C, in winds that reached 95 mph (150km/h).



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