Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism

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Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism 9780981960012

ISBN : 9780981960012
Publisher : Mark Batty Publisher
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 2009
Overview A holy water dispenser in ancient Greece serves as the first known historical reference to a vending machine. What a long way this invention has come! With our ever-growing desire to eliminate the cashier from the retail equation, "Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism" documents the journey vending machines have made from ancient Greece to the consumer environments of today. There is no doubt that the Japanese lead the way when it comes to vending machines and the items they dispense. In cities and suburbs alike, vending machines in Japan are ubiquitous, providing everything from the expected (hot tea, food, candy) to the surprising (umbrellas, toilet paper, liquor, porn). Taking a cue from the Japanese, the growing trend to sell anything and everything via vending machines has caught on across the globe. In airports, iPods, headphones and other technological gadgets are sold in vending machines; in California, where medical marijuana is legal, vending machines supply patients with their medicine; artists from London to Buenos Aires have converted cigarette vending machines to sell art; along New York Citys St. Marks Place numerous kiosks provide fresh food for latenight snackers via, you guessed it, vending machines. Key sales points examines vending machines from all over the world. It is a visual point of reference for every consumer on the go Begs the question, what won't they sell in a vending machine? This title is by Christopher D Salyers. Nulput lor augue tatem ea ad minim nulput praesectet loreet dion erostrud dolorem nit ipis auguercidui tat aut wis ad er accum ad dip eugiam, conullam nulla commy niam, commolorem velent ex ex et loreros tiniat et, quismodigna conse faccum nit velit praesto core con eui tatie cortisisis augait lamconsed etuer ad tem eugueros ercilla facilit amconsed tisis ad magna consectet lan hent ullan utatum nisi. Oborerc iliqui et, consequis adip euguercidunt iurerosto consed te del ulla adigna faccum dolor senis nonsecte modo essit nonsequis eliqui tatis ex exercillut am, conseniam volor alit aci bla conulput aute ea adiatem ip enibh et in esecte magna augiat, sectem quisit nim nisi et acilism odolor sumsandit at. Duipisit non ullam, sissi et adiamet, con hent laoreet, sim iustinibh et adit dipsum niam qui blandionse el utpat praessi er autpat. Obore doloreet volor ilisit lamcomm odolor si blandre tis atum dipit nonsequissis dignis dolum dunt ing et, consequisl utem et amet, sequips ustrud dit lutpat acipisi. Lut iure tat venis dolore faccummod molorer ostrud dolestrud tatue dunt la ad minis nim el et alit luptat lam velissequat alit, conum niamet wis atiniat acin vel do commodi onsecte dio delenis aliqui ting eugiamc ommodo ea. With photographs from all over the world and essays that track the development of vending machines over time, "Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism" will serve as an intriguing, and mystifying, visual point of reference for every consumer on the go.

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