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Veterans' Entitlements Law

Veterans' Entitlements Law

ISBN 9781862877207
Edition 2 New edition
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
This is the only work devoted to the law on veteransaaC--a entitlements in Australia. This second edition updates the material in the successful first edition and provides an invaluable reference for all those, be they ex-service organisations, tribunal members, legal practitioners, or Department officials, involved in assisting veteransaaC--a obtain their entitlements to the pensions and benefits available to those who have served their country. The first edition of the book was welcomed by this community. As the Tasmanian Law Society in its Newsletter of November 2000, said of the first edition, aaC--EuThis new publication is excellent. At long last we have a detailed analysis of the laws pertaining to the various entitlements of veterans.aaC--a The reviewer went to say: aaC--EuThe format is very easy to follow, all relevant legislation is identified and discussed and I have not been able to identify relevant cases that have not been considered. I applaud the authors for a very well done job and would encourage anyone who has to give advice to veterans on their potential entitlements, to obtain a copy of this book. It is highly recommendedaaC--a . The Queensland Law Society in its journal Proctor (July 2001) agreed with these comments and its reviewer not only praised the work as being well written and clearly expressed but noted in particular as a rare measure the graphics depicting individual veterans which brought a sense of relevance and humanity not common to legal books. This is a constantly-moving area of the law and the principles are continually evolving. It is, therefore, essential that advisers and practitioners keep up-to-date. This edition of the book has comprehensively revised the text of the first edition to cover all the recent major reports into the veteransaaC--a system, the legislative changes since 2000, and the voluminous case law which has emerged from the every tier of the Australian court system, as well the significant contribution to the jurisprudence provided by the CommonwealthaaC--a s Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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