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Visitor Destinations 9780471421870

ISBN : 9780471421870
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc
Author(s) :
Overview Developing a tourist destination that will be successful in attracting tourists and tourist spending requires sound strategic planning, management and marketing. The following key questions must be addressed with respect to visitor destination management and these are among the foci of the text: *How can locational advantages be developed?*What must be taken into account in the exploitation of tourism resources? *What measures may be taken to enhance visitor satisfaction?*How can destinations be marketed most effectively?*How can destination organisations encourage the equitable distribution of benefits from tourism? *How can the negative impacts of tourism be avoided or minimised? Visitor Destination Management discusses fundamental concepts, principles and processes relating to the evolution of destination regions, visitor management, and innovative destination development. Economic, social and environmental impacts, positive and negative, are examined and guidance is provided on measures required to ensure sustainability of the host community environment. The coordination role of destination managers is emphasised, and users of the text are encouraged to take a holistic view of destination regions.

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