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Visual C++.NET: Managed Code Approach for Experienced Programmers

Visual C++.NET: Managed Code Approach for Experienced Programmers

ISBN 9780130458216
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
Visual C++ .NET for Experienced Programmer: A Managed-Code Approach from the DEITELA (R) Developer Series first provides the experienced programmer with a concise introduction to C++ programming fundamentals before presenting more advanced topics in detail. Learn how to create reusable software components with assemblies, modules, and DLLs. Cover the fundamental techniques of Visual C++ .NET-based networking, create database connections using ADO.NET, create Web-based applications using ASP.NET, and learn to create XML Web services. The book features detailed LIVE-CODEA (R) examples that highlight crucial concepts in files and streams, that show how to create custom GUI controls, that demonstrate how to use sockets to hide network details, and that show Web services at work.

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