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Waste Containment Facilities

Waste Containment Facilities

ISBN 9780784408599
Edition Second Edition
Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers
Properly constructed and carefully maintained waste containment facilities protect human health and the environment. In ""Waste Containment Facilities, 2nd Edition"", Daniel and Koerner provide technical guidance for the complex task of ensuring construction quality control and assurance of geosynthetics used to contain waste, as well as manufacturing quality assurance and control of these materials. This book covers all types of waste containment facilities, including hazardous waste landfills and impoundments, municipal solid-waste landfills, non-hazardous-waste liquid impoundments, and final covers for new facilities and site remediation projects. The new edition updates and expands the previous edition to reflect recent developments in test methods, specifications, and field practice. Engineers and managers involved in the design, construction, permitting, and operation of waste containment facilities and in the fabrication of geosynthetic material will find this book an essential technical resource.

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