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Wiley Pathways Emergency Planning

Wiley Pathways Emergency Planning

ISBN 9781118312889
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley
Emergency Planning introduces students to the process and practice of emergency planning. The goal is to create broad experience that includes the many elements of planning as the primary path to community emergency preparedness. Students learn the relationship of emergency planning to generic field of emergency management. Specific attention is given to the contexts for planning, including local, state and federal government. Students learn the roles of the nonprofit sector, the critical links to citizens and the role of business. Emergency planning presents a science-based and practice-based vision of the planning process and the structure and content of emergency plans.  Students are exposed to principles of social psychology, communication theory and approaches to public education. The book provides firm grounding in the design and implementation of principle protective mechanisms, including evacuation, in-place protection and expedient breathing protection. Students also learn the bases of incident management systems and emergency operations centers. Emergency planning is presented as an emerging and growing profession.

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