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Wiley Pathways Small Business Accounting

Wiley Pathways Small Business Accounting

ISBN 9781118311523
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley
Wiley Pathways Small Business Accounting is designed primarily for small business owners and non-Accounting majors. Quickbooks is utilized throughout the text to demonstrate the application of concepts. Covered topics include the accounting cycle; debits and credits; cash, banking, and internal controls; employee payrolls; managing inventory; and financial statements.   Wiley Pathways recognizes that students have different goals, different life experiences, and different academic backgrounds, but are in the same classroom and are looking for specific skills they may use in the real world. Wiley Pathways has an emphasis on teaching job-related skills and practical applications of concepts through clear and professional language. Our templated pedagogy and modularized content are designed to provide students with the most applied learning experience possible and the most flexibility for instructors.

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