Writing History Essays: A Student's Guide

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Writing History Essays: A Student's Guide

Course Codes : HIST105, HIST209
ISBN : 9781403997692
Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview To write history successfully, it is essential to understand the nuts and bolts of technique as well as the basic underlying principles which are too rarely made explicit, but which govern the whole process. I. W. Mabbett carefully analyses these principles, and takes us step-by-step through the stages of the process. He shows how history differs from other disciplines, outlines the methods of historical research and writing, and clearly illustrates their application to writing assignments, essays and dissertations in history. This practical guide covers all aspects of the essay-writing process, including: - how to read sources critically - how to plan and draft your essay - the purpose of footnotes and referencing - the problems of inadvertent plagiarism - the importance of using good English - beyond the history essay: book reviews, reports and examinations. Writing History Essays is an indispensable aid for all those studying history and is ideal for beginners. Focusing on the fundamentals, this helpful and informative guide demonstrates that it is through the writing of history essays that we learn the nature of the discipline.

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