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Your Business Degree

Your Business Degree

ISBN 9781442547742
Edition 1st edition
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
Your Business Degree has been written for Business students to help them maximise their chances of success in their degree studies and increase their readiness for employment after they graduate. The book targets the development of graduate competencies and academic skills, in line with TEQSA requirements, and will help facilitate critical, minimum learning outcomes for any business student. It will be particularly appropriate for AACSB-accredited Business degrees as it is closely aligned to Assurance of Learning standards and requirements. Your Business Degree can be used as a foundation text, and throughout the period of the degree. It is highly practical in approach, and the accompanying student website and comprehensive Tutor Guide gives a great degree of flexibility in its use: while students can study it and practise the skills in their own time, the materials can also be delivered through lectures and tutorials, whether in stand-alone 'academic skills' segments or as embedded elements in discipline and content-specific settings.

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