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Your Career from Here in Easy Steps: Getting the Job You Want

Your Career from Here in Easy Steps: Getting the Job You Want

ISBN 9781840783872
Publication Date
Publisher In Easy Steps Limited
It will not have escaped your notice that there aren't so many job opportunities out there at the moment and those that are being advertised are being chased by more people. But people are still finding jobs - you just need to make sure you have the edge that will put yourself above the others when it comes to employers choosing who will fill the available roles. You may have been recently made redundant, you may be looking to return to work after a career break or maybe successful in your role but just bored or disillusioned with your current role. Whatever your reasons, take a step back and re-appraise your work life and then take positive action towards putting your career on the right path and finding your next role. So many people find themselves in roles, not through choice but through good fortune, opportunity or sometimes through a lack of alternatives. People seldom have the opportunity to take a step back and truly take stock of all they have achieved and where they want to take their future careers. Whatever your current circumstances, this book will guide you through all the essential decisions and equip you with the ideas and tools to help improve your chances of finding and securing your next role. Being without a job or being stuck in one that's not going in the right direction can be a very stressful experience. In this book you will find many practical suggestions and exercises to keep you feeling motivated and positive about the way ahead. Make a decision now to plan what you are going to do with your life and your career from here. Determining a new career direction can feel daunting but we will show you how it can also be a highly motivating and enlightening thing to do. Target audience: * Unemployed * Those threatened with redundancy * Returners from on a career break - e.g. Maternity/Paternity leave * Employees disillusioned in current roles * University leavers

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