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Find Cheap University Text Books Online

Zookal is a global student support platform that provides a variety of services and products to help make student university life easy. 

Our mission is to save you time and money and make education more affordable and accessible. We specialise in the renting and sale of university textbooks, both new and second hand.

Saving Students Money with Affordable Textbooks

At Zookal, we understand just how much the economic pressure of expensive textbooks can place on uni students. This is why we work so hard to source cheap textbook options for our customers. Our team are dedicated to making university easier for all those cash strapped students out there, and by providing uni textbooks for rent or sale at low prices, we can really make a difference to a lot of students’ lives.

Affordable University Textbook Rental

A common issue for students is the need to purchase expensive textbooks that they may only need for a semester. Buying a textbook that can easily be over $200 that you’ll only use for 4 months is a huge financial cost, not to mention the resell value of that book could be tiny. Our textbook rental is a cheap option for students who only need a textbook for a short time. With easy to use free return postage and low pricing, this is a great option for students running low on coin.

Find Your University Textbook for Less

Zookal guarantee to be able to source your textbook at the lowest possible prices, whether you’re looking for a brand new or second hand edition. This means whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll get a great price that will make your university experience a little easier.

Find your next semester’s textbooks at Zookal and save.


Step 1

Simply search for your uni textbooks online and you can either buy them brand new or rent them for the semester. Lowest price guarantee! 


Step 2

Once you’ve completed your order you’ll get an email confirming when your order is ready and we’ll deliver the books right to your door or you can pick them up from our warehouse at Alexandria, NSW. 


Step 3

If you rented your book you can quickly and easily return it for free (nationwide) to us via ParcelPoint.