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Older People, Ageing and Social Work

Hughes, Mark; Heycox, Karen

ISBN : 9781742370606

The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Flanagan, Richard

ISBN : 9781742755083

Not Available
The Political Power of Global Corporations

Mikler, John; Mikler, John

ISBN : 9780745698465

A History of Australia

Peel, M; Twomey, C.

ISBN : 9781137605498

Comparative International Management

Noorderhaven, Niels; Koen, Carla; Sorge, Arndt

ISBN : 9780415744836

Introduction to Programming in Python: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Sedgewick, Robert; Wayne, Kevin; Dondero, Robert

ISBN : 9780134076430

Political Public Relations

Stromback, Jesper; Kiousis, Spiro

ISBN : 9780415873819

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Scott, David Meerman; Scott, David Meerman

ISBN : 9781119362418


Hyman, Steven E.; Malenka, Robert C.; Nestler, Eric J.

ISBN : 9780071827690