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History of Psychology: From Antiquity to Modernity

Course Codes : 100015, HPSC3023, PSYC401H, PSYC411

History of Psychology: From Antiquity to Modernity

ISBN 9781292027975
Edition Pearson New International Edition
Publisher Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date
Provides a narrative history of psychology. A History of Psychology: From Antiquity to Modernity begins tracking psychology from the development of folk psychology as the key adaptation of humans at the dawn of history. It then traces the Classical, medieval, and early modern periods to present day psychology. The text covers scientific, applied, and professional psychology. Although theoretical and empirical arguments inside psychology about the nature of mind and behavior are not neglected, A History of Psychology shows how psychology's development has been shaped by social, economic, and political forces external to it, and, in turn, how the mature psychology of the late 20th century has begun to shape the society in which it arose. The text carefully examines how issues in psychology reflect and affect concepts that lie outside the technical concerns of psychology as a science and profession. Upon completing this text, readers will be able to: Know the events in the history of scientific, applied, and professional psychology Understand how psychology,s development was shaped by external forcesDescribe how psychology has and continues to shape society
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