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Accounting for Decision Makers ACFI1001 (Custom Edition)

Accounting for Decision Makers ACFI1001 (Custom Edition)

ISBN 9781488623868
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Australia
This custom edition is published for the University of Newcastle. It comprises of selected chapters from Accounting for Business Students. BRIEF CONTENTS About the Australian author Preface About the contributor Acknowledgements For students: How do I use this book? Resources for students and educators 1 Introduction to accounting 2 Measuring and reporting financial position 3 Measuring and reporting financial performance 4 Recording transactions—the journal and ledger accounts 5 Accounting systems and internal control 6 Introduction to limited companies 7 Regulatory framework for companies 8 Measuring and reporting cash flows 9 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability accounting 10 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements 11 Cost–volume–profit analysis and relevant costing 12 Planning and budgeting 13 Capital investment decisions Glossary Index

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