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Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems

ISBN 9781118473030
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley
Turner & Weickgenannt’s 2nd edition of Accounting Information Systems continues to organize key AIS course content (e.g. ERP and relational databases, REA, controls) around four major themes: simplicity of writing and presentation (lower level), business processes, accounting and IT controls, and ethics as it relates to accounting systems. The text offers real-world focus that impacts the chapter exposition, discussion questions, and end-of-chapter exercises and cases. It includes an emphasis on readability that extends beyond the narrative to the flowcharts and illustrations. Furthermore, the limit on the number of complex diagrams in the book includes screen captures of tasks/activities in Microsoft Dynamics software to illustrate certain concepts. The text offers a more in-depth discussion on ethics in each chapter.More features of this edition include: a discussion of Cloud Computing and on risks and controls related to cloud computing, added emphasis on audit trails and segregation of duties as well as tie-in with change control and patch management, greater emphasis on continuous auditing and relevant updates regarding recent economic trends, internal audit, and impact of IFRS on audit risk, significant updates to the e-commerce and e-business discussion, expanded coverage of segregation of duties in ERP systems and ERP control reports, and Real-World vignettes updated throughout the textbook.

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