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Aust Water Law 1e

Aust Water Law 1e

ISBN 9780455228679
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Australian Water Law offers practical and up-to-date guidance on the critical issues of ownership, control and use of water as a resource.A complex web of state and federal legislation seeks to manage and protect water and water rights, which are also interwoven with property law and environmental law. This presents considerable challenges for practitioners who are advising on matters like access rights, statutory water entitlements, water planning and resource protection. Commercially, water law affects a range of infrastructure development and management projects, while a national water market offers opportunities to trade water rights, and risks and controls. Kate Stoeckel, Romany Webb and Luke Woodward apply their considerable legal experience in matters involving water rights as well as regulation of the water and sewerage industry and Amy Hankinson offers her significant expertise in environmental law and water management. The result is a fresh, practical and authoritative examination of legal issues relating to water. . Legal, regulatory, policy and technical issues are considered, including: the constitutional/institutional framework for managing water resources, solving practical problems facing corporations/businesses who use water, management of the consumption and environmental uses of water and the rights of individuals and corporations to use water. Lawyers working in water and environmental law, and non-legal professionals involved in water resource management and planning, will be apprised of the legislative instruments that control water resources in Australia, as well as the nature of water rights and their impact. Australian Water Law provides a concise and practical legal treatment of water planning and management, following many years of development and change in the law.

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