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    Edition #5


    This bundle includes Emergency Medical Responder, Fifth Edition + Navigate 2 TestPrep: Emergency Medical ResponderBuy New

    ISBN : 9781284118919

    Edition #1

    Vermeulen, Janneke; Maclean, Will

    ... practitioners, this book describes the medical conditions that can prevent, complicate ...

    ISBN : 9781848193239

    Freidson, Eliot; Lorber, Judith

    ... shaman or medicine-man. Such differences become solidified when the expert healer ... be ascribed to physical states.The medical profession in advanced nations is ...

    ISBN : 9781138527850

    Stegenga, Jacob; Stegenga, Jacob

    ... confidence in the effectiveness of medical interventions. This book argues that ... consider the frequency of failed medical interventions, the extent of misleading ...

    ISBN : 9780198747048

    Edition #1

    ... discusses both electrical and mechanical medical devices. The first 20 chapters ... chapters focus on medical device laboratory experiments. Each medical device chapter begins ...

    ISBN : 9780123749765

    Parkhurst, Aaron; Carroll, Timothy

    ... possible points of cross-fertilisation between medical anthropology and material culture studies ... expand upon a definition of 'medical materiality', namely the social impact ...

    ISBN : 9781138314290

    Edition #1

    ... each system. Analyzing and defining medical terms is emphasized, as well ... as building medical terms from roots, prefixes, and ...

    ISBN : 9780766815223

    Edition #6

    ... accrediting bodies for the entry-level medical assistant. Coverage of the structure ... values necessary for you to become a successful, multi-skilled medical assistant.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781418032661

    Edition #1

    Learn the basics of physician-based medical billing with Medical Billing 101. Clear and ... right on your journey to becoming a medical billing professional.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781418039752

    Edition #7

    Jane Rice

    ... logical, simple system for learning medical vocabulary primarily by building terms ... ISBN below: 0132774488 / 9780132774482 Medical Terminology: A World Building Approach ...

    ISBN : 9780132148023

    Edition #4

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

    ... -NEW and updated content clarifies medical terminology concepts with clear definitions ... mental health Breaks down complex medical terms into recognizable components-common prefixes ...

    ISBN : 9781496374073

    Edition #1

    Carrick, Paul J.

    ... Surveying 1500 years of pre-Christian medical moral history, Carrick applies insights ... useful in courses on the medical humanities, ancient philosophy, bioethics, comparative ...

    ISBN : 9780878408498