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    Best Matching Products for latrobe health sciences
    Health, Illness And Wellbeing

    Liamputtong, Pranee; Fanany, Rebecca; Verrinder, Glenda

    ISBN : 9780195576122

    Best Matching Products for latrobe health sciences
    The Book of Informatics Revised Edition

    John G. Gammack

    ... , Canberra, Flinders, NTU, CQU, UWA, Latrobe, Ballaratand the University of Wollongong ... Informatics and Health Informatics but also in Arts and Science subjects. Other ...

    ISBN : 9780170216005

    Health, Illness And Wellbeing

    Liamputtong, Pranee; Fanany, Rebecca; Verrinder, Glenda

    Course Codes : PHE102 , PHE1SDH , PHE101

    Health, Illness and Wellbeing: Perspectives and Social Determinants introduces ... career in any of the health sciences where insight into themeaning of ...

    ISBN : 9780195576122

    Public Health Nutrition: From Principles to Practice

    Basil S. Hetzel

    Course Codes : , NTDT5602 , CXA214 , DTN4CPB , 9468

    ... Public Health Nutritionist.' Elizabeth Belton, Senior Lecturer, School of Life Sciences, The ... Community and Public Health Nutrition, DTN4CPB - Community and Public Health Nutrition B, 9468 ...

    ISBN : 9781741751024

    Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology 5th Edition

    Germov, John

    ... chapter: 'Well-being and Wellness' Significantly updated chapters on gendered health, medical dominance ... Psychology & Sociology for Health Sciences, SOC20003 - Society Health & Illness, EFB336 ...

    ISBN : 9780195520149

    Fitness Professional's Handbook

    Edward T. Howley

    Course Codes : EXS2AES
    Universities : La Trobe University

    ... the number one guide for fitness professionals. "Fitness Professional's Handbook, Sixth Edition ... and Prescription", and the American Health Association on exercise and physical ...

    ISBN : 9781450411172

    ACSM's Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription

    American College of Sports Medicine

    Course Codes : , SSEH3301 , EXS2AES , EHR522

    ... aspects of preventative rehabilitation and fitness programs and the major positionstands ... Exercise Prescription 4 Health & Fitness, EXS2AES - Applied Exercise Science, EHR522 - ...

    ISBN : 9781609139568

    Food and Nutrition: Food and Health Systems in Australia and New Zealand

    Mark Wahlqvist

    Course Codes : , NUT320 , NUDI1000 , CXA100 , DTN1CFC

    ... encompass recent developments in nutritional science, technology and policy. It includes ... into the following sections: Human nutrition; Food systems; Security and policy ...

    ISBN : 9781741758979

    Nutrition Counseling and Education Skill Development

    Kathleen D. Bauer

    Course Codes : DTN4CPB
    Universities : La Trobe University

    ... , DTN4CPB - Community and Public Health Nutrition B Buy New

    ISBN : 9781305252486

    Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law

    Roger Douglas (LaTrobe University, Australia)

    Course Codes : , LAW400 , LAW3ADN , 7018

    Douglas and Jones is well established as a leading text on administrative law, a reliable book notable for its accessibility and contemporary perspective. The 7th edition, in which Roger Douglas is joined in authorship ...

    ISBN : 9781862879171

    Animal Nutrition

    McDonald, Peter

    Course Codes : , ANIM2501 , ANUT321 , ANUT521 , ASC273 , ASC473 , AGR2AN

    ... introduction to the science and practice of animal nutrition.Animal Nutrition is split ... Applied Animal Nutrition, ANUT321 - Animal Nutrition, ANUT521 - Animal Nutrition, ASC273 - ...

    ISBN : 9781408204238


    Churchill, Rick

    ... include the cultural studies of science and science education, especially with respect ... examining the learning profiles and wellbeing of doctoral learners., EFB336, EDU10128 ...

    ISBN : 9780730315452

    Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics 4ed

    Field, Andy; Field, Andy

    ... , Business and Management and the Health Sciences make the book even more ... Psychology, Businessand Management and the Health Sciences, making the book even more ...

    ISBN : 9781446249185

    Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences, 6e

    Stephen Polgar

    Course Codes : OHSE688 , , DOH321 , HLT430 , BMS500 , HLT330 , PHE2AHR , 10038 , 9849 , DTN3NPO , DTN4EPI

    ... concise, but comprehensive, overview of health research as an integrated, problem-solving ... It bridges the gap between health research methods and evidence-based clinical ...

    ISBN : 9780702041945