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Cases in Financial Accounting

Cases in Financial Accounting

ISBN 9780170122764
Edition 4 Revised edition
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
Case studies are invaluable in assisting students to place their theoretical knowledge in a real world context. Case Studies: Financial Accounting and Disclosure enhances students understanding of the complex financial accounting environment and gives them the opportunity to apply accounting theory. In examining topical contemporary issues the book illustrates that, in reality, accounting is not always black and white. The cases in this book require students to use practical judgement and decision-making acumen to solve or otherwise deal with everyday and unusual accounting problems and issues. This approach to case study resolution emphasises the role and importance of professional judgement in the practice of accounting. Case Studies: Financial Accounting and Disclosure is suitable for both the introductory and postgraduate market and can be used as a stand alone text, support material, or in conjunction with a prescribed text. Case Studies: Financial Accounting and Disclosure will: stimulate students inquisitiveness in accounting broaden students knowledge of commercial transactions and other events promote critical and analytical thinking develop practical judgement, and advance oral and written communication skills

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