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Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Contemporary Perspective

Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Contemporary Perspective

ISBN 9780135022801
Publisher Allyn & Bacon
Bringing the subject matter to life through comprehensive case studies and multi-media samples, Communication Sciences and Disorders: An Introduction examines the multi-faceted field and the new challenges that have emerged in recent years. The text introduces students to communication sciences, succinctly presenting to readers the most current theories, research, and practices through rich examples, literacy-focused content, and engaging anecdotes. With an emphasis on thinking critically about functional assessment and outcomes, Communication Sciences and Disorders helps students examine intersections between speaking, listening, reading, and writing within the framework of the ecological impact of communication disorders at home, school, work, and community. New to the Second Edition * A new emphasis on literature draws connections between speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while special boxed features include inserts on a range of literacy-focused topics. * A focus on the use of technology in communication sciences and disorders shows students the many ways in which technology is continuously improving our knowledge and practice in the field. * A chapter on new research brings the most contemporary findings to reader.

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